Introducing our whey protein concentrate, derived from fresh dairy whey through ultra-filtration, with the "GLC" signifying its production at Great Lakes Cheese. This versatile product is ideal for various applications, including: Dry mixes Ready-to-Mix (RTM) beverages Protein fortification Bakery products Infant nutrition

Supplied By: Glanbia

Product Code: F04072

Regional Availability: Canada

Ingredient Origin: Dairy Origin

Features: Improved Water Retention, Protein Enrichment

Labeling Claims: Halal, Kosher

    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Ingredient Origin
    Supplied By
    Food Ingredients Functions
    Soy Lecithin, Whey Protein Concentrate

    Features & Benefits

    Labeling Claims
    Product Features
    • Excellent nutritional value
    • Good solubility
    • High water retention capacity
    • Excellent dispersibility and mixability

    Applications & Uses

    Food & Nutrition Applications
    Recommended Applications
    • Dry mixes
    • RTM beverages
    • Protein fortification
    • Bakery products
    • Infant nutrition


    Physical Form
    Normal bland and clean

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information
    • Multi-wall, Kraft paper sacks, having inner food grade polyethylene liner.
    • Net weight 20 kg (44.092 lb)

    Storage & Handling

    Shelf Life
    2 years
    Storage & Handling Information
    • Store in a cool, dry, clean environment below 25°C (77°F) and at relative humidity below 65%
    • Keep away from strong odors and other contaminants
    • Use stocks in rotation for up to two years.