Calcium Chloride Anhy 94-97%

Calcium Chloride Anhy 94-97% is a high-purity compound with a purity range of 94-97%. It belongs to the calcium and calcium compounds chemical family holds certifications for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and complies with FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) standards. Available in pellet form, it is considered kosher. It is widely used in various industrial applications, especially in chemical manufacturing processes within the chemical and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Supplied By: Oxy Canada Sales, Inc

Product Code: F12250

Regional Availability: Canada

Labeling Claims: Halal, Kosher

Features: Enhanced Flavour, Improved Texture

End Uses: Concrete, Drilling Fluids, Dust Control Applications

Synonyms: Calcium Chloride, Calcium (II) Chloride, Calcium Dichloride

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