This versatile product has applications in both the food and nutrition sectors, as well as in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. In food and nutrition, it functions as an anti-caking agent, preventing clumping in powdered products. Meanwhile, in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, it is used for various purposes including as formulation and processing aids, excipients, and coatings in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Supplied By: Peter Greven

Product Code: P13694

Regional Availability: USA

Chemical Name: Calcium Stearate

CAS Number: 1592-23-0

Dosage Form: Tablets

Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin, Plant Origin, Vegetable Origin

Labeling Claims: Halal, Kosher, Naturally Derived

Synonyms: Calcium bis(stearate), Calcium distearate, Calcium octadecanoate

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    Physical Form
    A white or almost white, very fine, light powder, greasy - the touch
    Insoluble in
    Water and ethanol
    • Precipitated Calcium Stearate with high specific surface area, dedicated to special applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • The product is in accordance with the USP-NF2021 /BP2019 /Ph.Eur 10th ed./JP 17th ed.

    Parameters marked with * are not tested for every batch, but they are tested periodically.

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