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This product is a type of brown sugar with granulated (GRN) physical form, primarily used as a nutritive sweetener in various food products. It serves the functionality of providing sweetness and flavor enhancement in culinary applications. It falls under the category hierarchy of food ingredients, specifically as a nutritive sweetener.

Supplied By: Domino Sugars

Product Code: F00179

Regional Availability: Canada

Labeling Claims: Kosher

Certifications & Compliance: Kosher

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    Brown Sugar

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    Food & Nutrition Applications


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    Certifications & Compliance

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    • Canada
    Packaging Information

    Product is packaged in 50 pound/22.67 kg net weight multi-wall polyethylene lined bags.

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    Shelf Life
    9 - 12 months
    Storage and Shelf Life Information

    Shelf life is typically 9 months for powder form, 12 months for granules when properly sealed if kept between (50 - 80°F) and dry (less than 70% relative humidity).