This product serves as a leavening agent and a functional additive in dough conditioners and flour additives, contributing to the texture and quality of baked goods. With its compliance with food regulations and certifications, This product is a reliable choice for food manufacturers aiming to produce high-quality bakery products while meeting dietary and regulatory requirements. This product finds its primary application in the food and nutrition industry, specifically in bakery products.

Supplied By: Budenheim

Product Code: F00735

Regional Availability: Canada

Features: Suitable for Vegans, Suitable for Vegetarian Foods

Labeling Claims: Allergen-free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Supplied By
    Food Ingredients Functions
    CAS No.
    Food Additive Number
    E 339
    EC No.

    Features & Benefits

    Applications & Uses

    Use Level
    2 % (Final food)
    Recommended Applications

    LEVALL® 20 is intended to be used in Bakery products.

    Suitable Diets

    LEVALL® 20 is suitable for use in following diets

    • Vegetarian : Yes
    • Vegan : Yes
    • Kosher* : Yes
    • Halal* : Yes

    * Certificate is available upon request


    Physical Form

    Not every value of above-mentioned parameters is specified. The typical analysis data may be subject to change without notice. To receive a full Product Specification Sheet, please contact us.

    The information given is calculated on the recipe. g in 100 g of product.

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information

    LEVALL® 20 is available in 25 kg PSP bags.

    Storage & Handling

    Shelf Life
    36 months
    Product Shelf-life

    36 months after the date of manufacture in original unopened packaging, stored in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight.