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This product consists of carefully selected and defined strains of bacteria, specifically Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus. These strains are essential for the fermentation process in yogurt production, as they contribute to the characteristic texture and flavor of yogurt. By using a defined blend of bacterial strains, This product ensures consistency and reliability in yogurt production, allowing manufacturers to achieve the desired product attributes consistently. These strains work together to ferment the milk and create the unique taste and texture associated with yogurt.

Supplied By: DSM Food Specialties

Product Code: F08241

Regional Availability: Canada

Labeling Claims: Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO

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    DIRECT-SETTM highly concentrated, free-flowing, deep-frozen pelletised (DSF) or lyophilised granular (DSL) lactic acid bacteria starters, ready to be added straight to the vat. The DELVO®YOG FVV-410 (DELVO® YOG CY-120) DSF and DSL DIRECT-SETTM series consists of defined- strain blends of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus.

    The starter cultures from this series have proven to be phage robust and stable for a long period of time and include several bacteriophage unrelated versions:

    • FVV-411(CY-121)
    • FVV-412 (CY-122)
    • FVV-413(CY-123)
    • FVV-414 (CY-124)
    • FVV-415 (CY-127)
    • FVV-416 (CY-129)

    These cultures were not genetically modified according to the European Directive 2001/18/EC.
    They are approved for general Kosher dairy and Halal use. Kosher and Halal certificates are available upon request.

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    DELVO®YOG FVV-410 series Indicative Dosage
    Medium viscosity cultures for traditional yogurt
    with typically strong yogurt flavor, distinctive
    acidic taste, and creamy texture.
    1 - 2 Units /1000 L (long make time)
    4 - 5 Units /1000 L (short make time)


    Physical Form
    Off - white to brown frozen starter as a free - flowing granular material (pelletised)

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information
    • Available in different packaging sizes, please contact our sales representative for moreinformation.
    • Frozen culture pellets are sealed in pouches.
    • The culture blend is packed in sachets grouped in cardboard box or plastic bag.

    Storage & Handling

    Storage and Shelf Life Conditions

    Distribution and Storage:

    The DELVO®YOG FVV-410 series cultures are packed in laminated sachets in standard pack sizes and shipped in polystyrene boxes with dry ice (DSF) or in cardboard boxes under ambient conditions (DSL). Minimum Order conditions apply.

    Storage Conditions:

    DSF: Below -45°C. The shelf life is 9 months at -45°C from the date of manufacture.
    DSL: Below -18°C. The activity is guaranteed for 12 months stored at or below -18°C or for 3 months stored at +5°C.
    The “Best Before” date is printed on each pack.