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This product is a highly concentrated, free-flowing, deep-frozen pelletized (DSF) culture, ready to be added directly to the vat for use in mesophilic cheese applications such as cheddar varieties, blue, and feta, as well as in reduced-fat sour cream.

Supplied By: DSM Food Specialties

Product Code: F05763

Regional Availability: Canada

Labeling Claims: Halal, Kosher

    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Ingredient Name
    Food Ingredients Functions
    Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis

    Features & Benefits

    Labeling Claims

    Applications & Uses

    Food & Nutrition Applications
    Applications Guidelines
    Example Indicative Dosage
    Typical Cheddar cheese 1 Unit 1000 liters (2275 lbs.)
    (depending on conditions)


    Physical Form
    Off - white to brown free - flowing granular material

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Certifications & Compliance

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information
    • Available in different packaging sizes, please contact our sales representative for more information.
    • Frozen culture pellets are sealed in pouches.
    • The culture blend is packed in sachets grouped in cardboard box or plastic bag.
    • All sachets are shipped in polystyrene boxes with dry ice to ensure optimum quality.

    Storage & Handling

    Storage Conditions and Shelf Life
    • This product should be stored in the original sealed packaging.
    • The recommended storage temperature is - 45 0C (-49 0F).
    • Kept in the original packaging under the recommended storage condition, the product has an optimal shelf life of 12 months from the date of packaging.