LIGAMED SA-1-V-MB is a versatile emulsifying ingredient with multiple certifications and compliance with industry standards. It is suitable for use in various applications, including food and nutrition, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. It is available in both powdered and solid forms and is ethanol soluble.

Supplied By: Peter Greven

Product Code: P01936

Regional Availability: USA

INCI Name: Stearic Acid

Chemical Name: Stearic acid

Functions: Emulsifier, Emulsifier, Flow Promoter

CAS Number: 57-11-4

Dosage Form: Tablets

Synonyms: 1-Heptadecanecarboxylate, 1-Heptadecanecarboxylic Acid, Cetylacetic Acid, Fatty Acids C16-18, N-Octadecanoate, N-Octadecanoic Acid, Octadecanoate, Octadecanoic Acid, OLA, Stearate, Stearic Acid Cherry, Stearophanate, Stearophanic Acid

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    Physical Form
    Soluble In
    White or yellowish powder
    Insoluble in
    Soluble in
    Ethanol (96%), light petroleum (50 - 70°C)

    A very fine grade of stearic acid for special applications in the pharma, food and cosmetic industry. The product is in accordance with the USP-NF2021/BP2019/Ph.Eur 10th ed. section Stearic acid 50, JP 17th ed./FCC 13th ed. and meets the requirements of E-570

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