This product is a food ingredient technology known for its versatile functionality. It serves as a binder, encapsulant, thickener, and viscosity modifier in various food and beverage applications. Also carries a non-GMO labeling claim, making it suitable for use in products that prioritize non-genetically modified ingredients. This powder-form ingredient is a valuable addition to the food ingredients technology market, offering multiple benefits for food manufacturers and formulators.

Supplied By: JOYVO

Product Code: F07630

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Thickener, Viscosity Modifier

Labeling Claims: Non-GMO

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    Chemical Name: Pullulan

    AquaJuve™ ECT - Product Application - 5 - Pullulan

    Pullulan is made from by fermentation, it has various applications in cosmetics and food industry. It is recommended to be used in skin care, skin cleaning, diet control and food mouthfeel improvement.


    Features & Benefits

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    Product Features
    • Fermentation,Aureobasidium
    • Non-GMO
    • Excellent solubility
    • Good thermal stability

    Applications & Uses

    Food & Nutrition Applications
    Recommended Applications
    • DuoLuxTM FD is a polysaccharide produced by fermentation
    • Excellent film-forming property, anti-static, anti-oxidation, anti-oil permeability film
    • DuoLuxTM FD is suited for encapsulation, thickeners, adhesives for food and nutrition, dieting products
    Recommended Applications

    Because of its excellent film forming ability, high safety and good water solubility, DuoLux FD can be applied in food as a coating agent as well as a preservative agent.

    DuoLux FD – Preservative Agent:

    Based on its excellent film forming ability, 1% pullulan solution can be dried to give a clear, odorless, flexible, stable, high strength film, and the film has a super gas barrier property and oil resistance, therefore pullulan plays an important role in food preservation.

    Apply in VC Candy

    AquaJuve™ ECT - Product Application - 4 -The loss of VC content during the long-term storage

    Store the candy with pullulan added as a gel forming agent for 12 months and the index is no change, while candy without pullulan continue to lose VC during storage.

    Apply on Apple

    AquaJuve™ ECT - Product Application - 3 - Pullulan film effects on apple hardness

    AquaJuve™ ECT - Product Application - 2 - Pullulan film effects on apple VC content

    According to the above charts, its preservation effect on fresh fruit is obvious. Besides, it is friendly to environment with no pollution.

    DuoLux FD – Coating Agent

    Pullulan’s excellent film formation leads to excellent adhesion as well, not only makes the finished product more complete with polished appearance, but also improves the mechanical strength of finished product.

    Apply in Tablet

    AquaJuve™ ECT - Product Application - 1 - Apply in Tablet


    As a coating agent, pullulan provides effectiveness on protecting tablet completeness.


    Physical Form
    White or off - white powder

    Packaging & Availability

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information

    Generally,DuoLuxTM FD is packed in 10 kg paper cases.

    Storage & Handling

    Storage and Shelf Life Conditions

    Storage Conditions: DuoLuxTM FD is recommended to store in dry and cool place and seal tightly after opening.Strong light and heat should be avoided as well.
    Shelf Life Conditions: DuoLuxTM FD has 2 years shelf life.