Whey Protein Concentrate 80%

This versatile compound is a homogeneous, free-flowing whey protein concentrate powder. It is manufactured from fresh, sweet whey and spray-dried to approximately 80% protein on a dry basis. This product provides an excellent source of dairy protein for infant formulations, special dietary food formulations, yogurt, labneh, and cream cheese. It is light cream to cream in color with a bland and clean odor and flavor.

Supplied By: Agrimark Middlebury

Product Code: F02654

Regional Availability: Canada

Ingredient Origin: Dairy Origin

Features: Spray Dried

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    Whey Protein Concentrate
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    • Canada
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    Available in 20 kilogram net weight Kraft paper bags with a polyethylene liner.

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    24 Months
    Storage Conditions and Shelf Life
    • 24 months from date of manufacture under recommended storage conditions. Manufacturing and expiration date printed on bags.
    • Dairy products are hygroscopic and will absorb odors. Storage in a cool, dry environment below 85°F (29°C) and maximum 65% relative humidity is recommended to achieve maximum shelf life.