INUTEC® SL1 is a non-ionic, polymeric stabilizer based on chicory inulin, a renewable and natural resource. It can be used as an emulsion stabilizer for o/w emulsions, as a dispersant for hydrophobic particles, and in the production of foams. It is a microbiologically stable solution in glycerol.

Supplied By: Gobiotics

Product Code: Q07676

Regional Availability: Canada

INCI Name: Glycerin, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate

Labeling Claims: BSE-free, GMO-free, Halal, Natural

Certifications & Compliance: Halal

Benefit Claims: Compatibility, Dispersing, Emulsion Stabiliser, High Viscosity, Non-Sticky, Outstanding Skin feel, Silky Feel

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    Features & Benefits

    Benefit Claims
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    Product Highlights
    • INUTEC SL1 improves the stability of hard-to-stabilize O/W emulsions.
    • INUTEC SL1 emulsions are silky light, with a non-sticky skin feel, even in the presence of high amount of sunscreens, waxes, petrolatum.
    • Inutec®SL1 migrates quickly to the Oil/Water interface.
    • Inutec®SL1 shows a remarkable resistance against the 2 major instability issue: coalesence and Ostwald ripping.

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    Physical Form
    Yellow to dark brown liquid
    Typical odor
    Dispersible in

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Certifications & Compliance

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information

    Plastic drums 28 kg

    Storage & Handling

    Shelf Life
    5 years
    Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

    Storage Condition: Room temperature

    Shelf Life: 5 years after date of production