Sodium Chloride Sanal P

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Sodium Chloride Sanal P is a pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride product designed for dialysis APIs. This water-soluble salt is suitable for use in injectable pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, characterized by its non-carcinogenic nature and odorless properties. Sodium Chloride Sanal P is the trusted choice for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations, ensuring high quality and safety standards in dialysis APIs and injectable dosage forms.

Supplied By: Mariager Salt Specialties A/S

Product Code: P12833

Regional Availability: USA

Chemical Name: Sodium Chloride

Functions: API Intermediate, Dialysis API

CAS Number: 7647-14-5

Dosage Form: Injectables

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    • USA
    Standard Packaging

    PE bag 25kg x 49


    Wooden Pallet (100 x 120cm) HT + Foil

    Units per layer 7
    Number of layers 7
    Net weight (kg) 1225
    Gross weight (kg) 1257
    Pallet outer dimensions (mm)

    1200 x 1020 x 900

    EAN single unit 5701027001746

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    Storage Conditions

    Store clean and dry, relative humidity <60%, ambient temperature