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FLEXISPERSE™ 450ND is a fully neutralized sodium polyacrylate homopolymer sequesterant, dispersant, deflocculant, and rheology modifier, optimized with an average molecular weight of 4000-5000 for use in warewashing, fabric wash, and commercial detergent formulations. Specifically designed for use in detergent formulations as a soil dispersant, anti-redeposition agent, and hard water ion sequestrant. This product is effective at slowing the build-up of fats and proteins on surfaces, increasing the solubility of precipitating salts, and inhibiting crystal growth to prevent the formation of scale and hard water deposits.

Supplied By: Innovative Chemical Technologies - ICT

Product Code: Q07616

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Anti-Redeposition Agent, Chelating Agent, Dispersant, Scouring Agent

    Enhanced TDS

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    Features & Benefits

    HII Features
    Product Features
    • Spray-dried powder, fully neutralized sodium polyacrylate.
    • Multi-Functional ingredient enhances the performance and efficiency of cleaning formulations.
    • Sequesters hardness ions allowing for optimum surfactant performance.
    • Delivers excellent crystal growth inhibition, anti-encrustation, and anti- redeposition of particulate soil.
    • Stable builder in high alkaline/bleach.
    • Industrial & Institutional cleaners.
    • Allows the end user to receive product at the highest % actives while conforming to DOT regulations.
    • Used in the manufacturing/processing of powdered laundry detergents as a slurry viscosity reducer, dispersing agent and powder structurant.

    Applications & Uses

    Home Care Applications
    I&I Cleaning Applications
    Industrial Additives End Use
    Recommended Applications
    • Co-Builder in Household and Institutional powder laundry detergents.
    • Performance additive for Auto Dish formulations.
    • Formulary additive for hard surface, bottle wash, ware washing and other I&I cleaning formulation applications.
    • Textile sour additive for dyeing and finishing of textiles.
    • General purpose dispersant for inorganic pigments and fillers including CaCO₃ and TiO₂.


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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
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    Flexisperse 450ND is available in:
    Bags (Net Wt. 50 lbs).

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    12 months