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This product is a solventless, two-component polyurethane adhesive, used in flexible packaging laminating applications. This adhesive is designed for medium-performance laminations, particularly for slip film applications and general-purpose laminating at high production line speeds. It can be applied to various laminations, including film/film and film/foil used in food packaging.

Supplied By: Henkel Corporation

Product Code: H00960

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Adhesive, Adhesive, Laminating Adhesive, Solvent free (100% Solids) Adhesive

Application Method: Roller

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    Recommended Applications
    • Designed for medium performance, slip film laminations and general purpose laminating at high line speeds.
    • It may be used for film/film and film/foil food packaging laminations.
    • Long potlife and rapid zippered pouch application are advantages of the LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 7660 solventless adhesive system.
    • This adhesive may also be used for general-purpose food packaging laminations, health care, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.
    Recommended Mixing Ratio

    1.1 parts by weight 1.05 parts by volume.

    Loctite Liofol Adhesive System Application

    Loctite Liofol LA7660 combined with LA6029

    It is a 2-component solventless polyurethane adhesive designed for flexible packaging laminating. Mix ratio 1:1, Pot life- 35 Min, Cure to slit in 6-12 hrs. PAA-free for food filling in 48 hrs, (pet/1.5mil Ldpe)

    Designed for general purpose to medium performance applications at line speeds more than 300MPM. It’s designed for use in film / film, film / foil and slip film food packaging laminations. These applications can range from coffee, meat and cheese, confection, snack and pet food. This adhesive can also be used in health care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical laminations.

    Loctite Liofol LA7660 combined with LA6248

    It is a 2 component Solventless Polyurethane adhesive designed for Flexible Packaging laminating. Mix ratio 1 -1 by weight. Pot life- 55 Min. Cure to slit in 6-12 hrs. PAA free for food filling in 48 hrs, (pet/1.5mil Ldpe). This system is specially designed for laminating digital printed applications or where issues with ink smear on applications where nitrocellulose solvent based inks are used.

    Designed for general to medium performance applications at line speeds more than 300MPM. This adhesive is designed for use in most film /film, film/ foil packaging laminations when fast turn around or rapid zipper insertion is necessary. These applications can range from nuts, snack, confection, meat cheese, coffee, pasta, or general food packaging.


    Physical Form
    Clear, amber color

    Regulatory & Compliance

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    • Canada

    Storage & Handling

    Storage and Handling Conditions
    • LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 7660 have a storage life of twelve months from date of manufacture.
    • They should be held at normal warehousing temperatures and stored in the original, unopened containers.
    • Containers of the adhesive or curing agent should not remain open for an extended time.
    • Material from opened containers should be consumed within a short period. It is necessary to use all the adhesive once the container is opened, unless there is means of purging the container with dry nitrogen.
    • If exposed to below freezing temperatures, these products may solidify. Large containers (drums and pails) may be slow to reliquify. Slight warming at 40 - 50°C will aid the process.
    • Freezing and thawing have no effect on the performance of this product.
    • The adhesive, as received, has chemically active Isocyanate groups that will react with water, alcohols, amines, and similar materials containing active hydrogen groups. Reseal containers and keep them tightly closed to maximize the storage life. Nitrogen purging of original containers will have a similar effect.