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CDB CHLORINATING GRAN(MED) contains sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate, also known as sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate. This dry chlorinated compound is available in powder form and in three granulations (medium, coarse, and extra coarse). It is a white, free-flowing crystalline isocyanurate with a mild chlorine odor.

Supplied By: Innovative Water Care

Product Code: Q00361

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Name: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate

Functions: Bleaching Agent, Cleansing Agent, Disinfectant, Oxidizing Agent

    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

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    Applications & Uses

    Home Care Applications
    I&I Cleaning Applications
    Recommended Applications
    • CDB Clearon® is suitable for use in dry formulations where a readily soluble concentrated source of chlorine is desired for cleaning, bleaching, disinfecting and sanitizing.
    • This product is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in formulating or repackaging as a pesticide. Reformulators and repackagers of this product who claim pesticidal use must obtain their own registrations from the EPA.
    • CDB Clearon® may be compounded for use in dry mix sanitizers, scouring powders, dry chlorinated detergents, dry bleaches and machine dishwashing detergents.


    Physical Form
    White crystalline powder
    Mild chlorine

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information
    • Powder grade CDB Clearon compound is available in 2.800 lb tote bins.
    • All other grades are available in 3.850 lb tote bins.
    • Medium grade CDB Clearon is also available in 2100 lb supersacks.
    • Medium coarse and extra coarse grades are available in 300 lb (136.1 kg) and 400 lb (181.4 kg) polyethylene - lined fiber drums with Lever Lok closures.

    Storage & Handling

    Storage and Handling Conditions


    • Read label storage directions. CDB Clearon® is sensitive to heat and moisture and should always be kept in tightly closed containers. CDB Clearon® should be stored in a cool. dry. well ventilated fireproof area where the temperature never exceeds 60°C (140°F). Keep CDB Clearon® away from open flame. combustible or oxidizing materials and other chemicals. Do not store in areas where formulation is done. Since it is a strong oxidizing agent. do not store near reducing agents. other nitrogen compounds. strong acids. alkalis or any reactive material. Do not store near other CDB® products. CDB Clearon® should be stacked on pallets a maximum of three drums high. The storage area should be protected by high - volume sprinklers.
    • If CDB Clearon® is not involved but threatened by a fire. use carbon dioxide as an extinguisher. If CDB Clearon® is involved in a fire. firefighters should adhere to the following procedures. Wear a NIOSH/MSHA - approved. positive pressure. self - contained breathing apparatus and flood the area with large quantities of water. Ventilate the building to help remove smoke and gasses. Once the containers can be handled. isolate them in an open. well ventilated area. Flood with large volumes of water. Keep container contents from entering storm drains. Follow label directions for proper disposal of product and container.
    • Clean contaminated clothing before reuse. Damaged or wet containers should be moved to an isolated area. For help with safety and health emergencies involving Clearon products contact Clearon Corp. at 304 - 746 - 3000. For transportation emergencies contact Chemtrec at 1 - 800 - 424 - 9300.


    • Because CDB Clearon is a strong oxidizing agent and sensitive to moisture. only clean, dry. non - metallic utensils should be used when handling. Mixing must be performed in well - ventilated areas. In a closed system. a dust collector may be used to recover fines and dust given off during mixing.
    • Never leave a CDB Clearon® container open. Contamination with moisture or foreign materials such as dirt. sawdust. paper, oil, grease, or other chemicals (including pool chemicals) may start a chemical reaction. Do not put CDB Clearon® in any chlorinating device previously used with any other chemical (calcium hypochlorite. for example). Such use may cause a fire or explosion.
    • Do not formulate with nitrogen - containing materials (ammonia. ammonium compounds. urea. etc.) other CDB compounds. or use in concentrated solutions or slurries. Such use may generate noxious. toxic. and potentially explosive fumes. Avoid contact with areas of heat build - up (hot spots) on mixing apparatus. New formulations should be tested in small quantities to determine compatibility and safety of the mixture. It is recommended that CDB Clearon be the last ingredient mixed into formulations.
    • CDB Clearon® decomposes at 240 - 250°C (464 - 482°F). Decomposition results in the liberation of heat and harmful gasses, so avoid contact with any burning material. such as a lighted cigarette. Symptoms of decomposition are a stronger - than - usual chlorine odor. drums and bins that are warm to the touch or giving off white smoke. and a drum that is bulging.
    • In case of contamination or decomposition of CDB Clearon® compound, do not reseal the container, If possible. isolate the container in an open. well - ventilated area. Flood with large volumes of water. Keep contents from entering storm drains. Follow label directions for proper disposal of product and container. Clean contaminated clothing before reuse.