This product is an innovative water-thickening ingredient with unique properties. This water-soluble gelling agent exhibits a temperature-dependent increase in viscosity. When it is diluted in water, it remains a liquid at room temperature but transforms into a gel when exposed to higher temperatures. This distinctive rheological behavior gives rise to specific properties, including emulsion stabilization and active release control. This product is meticulously crafted for utilization in various applications, such as skin care formulations, sun care products, makeup, fragrances, and hair care items.

Supplied By: PolymerExpert

Product Code: Q14172

Regional Availability: Canada

INCI Name: PPG-51/SMDI Copolymer, Poloxamer 338

Functions: Gel Former, Thickener, Viscosity Modifier

Benefit Claims: Controlled Release, Dispersing, Ease of Styling, Emulsion Stabiliser, Film Forming, Good Gelling Properties, Long Lasting Fragrance Release, SPF Enhancement, Silky Feel, Soft Feel, Stabilizing, Viscosity Boosting, Water Retention

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    Features & Benefits

    Product Benefits
    • Smart Thickening agent: leading to viscosity change upon exposure to body temperature (eg: Eye Drops).
    • Sprayable products: liquid in the packaging will become a gel or a cream in contact with skin.
    • Cream or lotion with new texture: new sensation once applied.
    • Viscosity controller: ExpertGel addition leads to viscosity constant versus temperature.
    • Emulsion stabilizer: ExpertGel helps to improve emulsion stability.
    • Control active release in water: mouth rinse self-tanning.
    • Film former: with a silky touch acts in synergy to improve efficiency of other film former (eg: better water resistancy).
    • Homogeneous distribution of pigments: high coverage and reduces pigment use.
    • Long lasting effect for fragrances.
    • SPF booster: optimizing the bioavailability of UV filter.

    Applications & Uses

    Application Format
    Use Level
    0.4 - 10 %


    Transparent to opaque/colorless (white) granular powder

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    • Canada

    Storage & Handling

    Storage & Handling Information

    PolymerExpert endorses the results on the certificate of analysis for a period of 3 years from the date of manufacturing for material in original unopened properly stored containers. Beyond 3 years we recommend the quality of the material be confirmed prior to use by retesting the certificate analysis parameters.