ESTICLEAN AS-VEG is an optimized formulation of vegetable oils and fatty acid esters. It has a low odor. This product is a well-balanced solvent and release agent with a high flash point and excellent environmental properties. This does not contain emulsifiers and is self-splitting in oil separators.

Supplied By: Esti Chem A/S

Product Code: Q10838

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Cleaning Agent, Release Agent, Release Agent, Solvent

Chemical Family: Fatty Acid Esters, Vegetable Oils

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    • Containers of 1000 liter net
    • Drums of 200 liter net

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    • ESTICLEAN AS-VEG is recommended for cleaning metal surfaces contaminated with asphalt. The cleaning process can be carried out either by immersion into ESTICLEAN AS-VEG or by direct application to the contaminated area using a brush, cloth or spraying device.
    • The product is also working as a lubricant/release agent on machinery and transport equipment. NB! A very thin film should be applied on the surface as the product is very active.
    • For applications in the asphalt and road construction industry, ESTICLEAN AS-VEG is used as delivered. The thin, oily film sprayed on the clean surfaces works as a release agent for the asphalt and has shown no detrimental effects. If a completely degreased surface is required ESTICLEAN AS-VEG can easily be removed by washing with an alkaline degreaser.
    • ESTICLEAN AS-VEG has been tested for compatibility with polycarbonate and nitrile rubber. Both polymers have been exposed to ESTICLEAN AS- VEG for more than 30 days without unacceptable swelling.


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    • Canada
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    • Containers of 1000 litre net
    • Drums of 200 litre net