This is a specialized powder designed for use in the ore flotation process, particularly in the building and construction industry. This off-white hygroscopic powder is odorless and exhibits solubility in cold water, making it a valuable component in ore flotation applications.

Supplied By: Nouryon

Product Code: Q15328

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Sodium Salts

Applicable Processes: Ore Floatation

    Enhanced TDS

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    Physical Form
    Off - white free flowing hygroscopic powder

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
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    Packed in big bags

    Storage & Handling

    Storage Conditions

    Stored in a covered and well-ventilated area and in original and unopened packaging the product has a shelf life up to 36 months calculated from the date of manufacture, which means the product can be safely used during this period. The product is based on a natural polymer, cellulose, which means that the viscosity may drop over time. We therefore only warrant that the product meets the product specification up to twelve (12) months calculated from the date of manufacture, even if all parameters of the product specification other than viscosity and moisture remains stable up to the indicated shelf life. Viscosity drop (if any) occurring after 12 months from the date of manufacture can be handled by slight dosage correction. The dosage correction to be determined by Buyer depending on application.