CALCIUM FORMATE (C) is a highly versatile product with applications spanning multiple industries. It finds utility in various domains, including water treatment chemicals with a focus on water treatment additives, textile and leather chemicals involving finishing additives and treatments, processing aids with an emphasis on glass and ceramic additives, and oil, gas, and mining chemicals, particularly in refinery and gas treatment. Additionally, it extends its usage to construction chemicals, covering mortar and gypsum additives as well as cement and concrete additives. Furthermore, it falls under the category of technical salts and inorganics, specifically organic salts.

Supplied By: Quadra

Product Code: Q08045

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Name: Calcium Formate

Functions: Buffering Agent, Coagulant, Lubricant

CAS Number: 544-17-2

Chemical Family: Calcium & Calcium Compounds, Calcium Salts, Formates

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    Physical Form
    White crystal powder

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    • Canada
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    25kgs PP-PE bags, paper bags.