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This product is an iron-enhanced activated alumina with high arsenic capacity. It effectively removes arsenic and fluoride in non-regenerating systems, with increased uptake capacity compared to non-promoted activated alumina. It has applications in arsenic, fluoride, zinc, copper, silica, lead, selenium, phosphate, and nitrate removal across various industries.

Supplied By: Axens

Product Code: Q06683

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Adsorbent

Applicable Processes: Arsenic Removal, Fluoride Removal, Groundwater Treatment, Metal Removal, Phosphate Removal, Silica Removal, Water Treatment

Features: Excellent Adsorption

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    • ActiGuard® AAFS50 has the ability to remove both arsenic and fluoride in non-regenerating systems with a 25 – 30% increased uptake capacity over non-promoted activated alumina. It is designed for single pass use, landfill disposal and passes both TCLP and California WET..
    • ActiGuard® AAFS50 has also proven effective in remediation applications including groundwater site clean ups, storm water runoff where metals and nutrients are issues. High contaminant uptake capacities has ActiGuard® AAFS50 being used for arsenic, fluoride, zinc, copper, silica, lead, selenium, phosphate and nitrates removal across numerous industries.

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    Metals and nutrient removal from water. Including arsenic, fluoride, zinc, copper, silica, lead,


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    • Canada
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    Bulk bags, fiber drums and boxes