This versatile compound is a highly porous, binderless crystalline aluminosilicate in beaded form. The pore openings in the crystals have a diameter of approximately 5 angstroms. It is a 5 angstrom, 1.6-2.5 mm, binderless spherical molecular sieve specially designed for the purification of gasses where high adsorption capacities are required.

Supplied By: W.R. Grace & Co

Product Code: Q09571

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Aluminosilicates, Zeolites

Functions: Adsorbent, Molecular Sieve

Applicable Processes: Gas Purification

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    • Canada
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    The standard packaging for SYLOBEAD® MS S 624 is:

    • 140 kg/drum, 4 drums/pallet, 560 kg/pallet, pallet: 1200 x 1000 mm
    • 816.5 kg/big bag, 1 big bag/pallet, 816.5 kg/pallet, pallet: 1200 x 1000 mm

    Storage & Handling

    Handling and Storage Information
    • Adsorbent for the Purification of Gasses should be handled so as to avoid generation of dusty conditions at the workplace.
    • When pouring into a container in the presence of flammable liquids, gasses or dust, earth both containers electrically to prevent a static electric spark and the risk of explosion.
    • Storage in a dry warehouse is recommended.
    • Extended exposure to UV light degrades the big bag material and this should be avoided.
    • Open packages should be resealed to prevent contamination and adsorption of water or other gasses and vapors.
    • The material in drums should be used within 48 months, in big bags within 12 months from the date of production.