Harcros Foamer LLF

This product is a non-aqueous ammonium ether sulfate concentrate. This product is a viscous liquid that thins readily with warming. It is typically diluted with water and a co-solvent to make aqueous cutbacks and finished formulations. This anionic surfactant is based on a short-chain alcohol ethoxylate and is able to produce copious amounts of foam in both freshwater and brine. This product is stable in both neutral and alkaline aqueous media and is suitable for use as a hard surface cleaner and wetting agent.

Supplied By: Harcros Chemicals, Inc

Product Code: Q14166

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Surfactant, Surfactant (Anionic), Wetting Agent

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    Physical Form
    Opaque, thick liquid

    Safety & Health

    Safety Information
    • Foamer LLF is regarded as non-hazardous. It is considered to possess low acute oral and skin penetration toxicity and should not be used in products for internal use.

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    • Canada