This product features acid replacement technology, offering a low-corrosion alternative to traditional acids such as sulfuric, phosphoric, sulfamic, acetic, and glycolic acids. It boasts several advantages, including no heat of dilution, no fuming, phosphate-free composition, and absence of VOCs. Serving as an economical and efficient pH adjustment tool, acid cleaner, and low-pH solubilizer, it provides versatile solutions across various applications.

Supplied By: Innovative Chemical Technologies - ICT

Product Code: Q12292

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Fertilizer, Solubilizer

Applicable Processes: Leather Manufacturing

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    Features & Benefits

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    Product Features
    • Acid Replacement Technology.
    • Low Corrosion Replacement For Conventional Acids Including: Sulfuric Phosphoric Sulfamic Acetic Glycolic.
    • No Heat Of Dilution.
    • Non Fuming.
    • Phosphate Free.
    • Contains No VOCs.
    • Low BOD And COD.
    • Safer To Handle Than Many Conventional Acids.
    • Sub-One pH Makes pH Reduction Quick And Easy.

    Applications & Uses

    Applicable Processes
    I&I Cleaning Applications
    Industrial Additives End Use
    Recommended Applications
    • Economical And Efficient pH Adjustment Tool.
    • Acid Cleaners.
    • Low pH Solubilizers.
    • Concrete And Masonry Preparation.
    • Effluorescence Removers.
    • Ammonia Neutralizer For Livestock And Poultry Wastes.
    • Leather Manufacturing.


    Physical Form
    Clear colorless - pale yellow liquid
    Soluble in

    Packaging & Availability

    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information

    Flexisorb AN-557 is available in 275 gallon totes (Net Wt. 3000 lbs) 55 gallon drums (Net Wt. 600 lbs) and 5 gallon pails (Net Wt. 50 lbs).