This product is designed to accelerate the curing of apollo cyanoacrylates, particularly in situations where low humidity levels or surface acidity may be present. It is also employed when filet conditions or gap-filling between substrates are required. This product can be applied either before the adhesive to the opposite surface or after to the adhesive joint using methods such as a brush, pump sprayer, or dropper.

Supplied By: H. B. Fuller Company

Product Code: Q09278

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: Adhesive

Application Method: Brush, Spray

    Enhanced TDS

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    Surfaces to be bonded should be clean and dry. Dispense a drop or drops of an Apollo cyanoacrylate to one  surface only. Brush, spray, or wipe BLAST accelerators on surface as needed. Can be pre-applied or post-applied to bond area. Let BLAST evaporate if pre-applying.


    Colorless liquid

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    • Canada

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    12 months (unopened)
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    Products should be stored unopened in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.