This product is a clear, colorless fluid. It serves various purposes, including as an effective co-dispersant for pigments, an emulsifier for polyethylene and wax via emulsification techniques, and is used in coatings, printing inks, metal working fluids, and boiler-water treatment.

Supplied By: ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

Product Code: Q10608

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Dispersant, Dispersant, Neutralization Agent, Neutralizing Agent

Chemical Family: Amines, Tertiary Amines

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Alkyds

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    • ADDAPT® CODIS 95 is an effective co-dispersant for pigments. Especially in combination with ADD APT DISP 600 it promotes acceptance of universal colorants.
    • It contributes to pH stability when neutralizing carboxylic acid groups in water-borne coatings, thereby exhibiting high gloss, good water resistance and anti-corrosion properties.
    • ADDAPT® CODIS 95 is an effective emulsifier for Polyethylene and wax via emulsification techniques.
    • ADDAPT® CODIS 95 is recommended as a multifunctional additive for metalworking fluids, providing liquid and vapor corrosion inhibition properties. It does not leach cobalt from tooling.
    • ADDAPT® CODIS 95 is a very effective scavenger of both formaldehyde and CO2.
    • ADDAPT® CODIS 95 allows the incorporation of > 17.5% water in solvent based Alkyd paints.

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    Clear, colourless fluid
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    • Canada