CARBON BLACK N339 (N) is a reinforcing carbon black with a low particle size. The product has a high structure, which gives it easy dispersion properties, and it has a moderately high modulus while imparting excellent extrusion characteristics to rubber compounds. It is particularly suited for tire treads that require medium to good wear resistance without high hysteresis.

Supplied By: NEGROVEN, S.A.

Product Code: Q09182

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Carbon Blacks

Functions: Filler, Reinforcement

Processing Methods: Extrusion

Features: Abrasion Resistant, Dispersible, Easier Processing, Good Abrasion Resistance, Good Dispersion, Good Extrusion Properties, High Modulus, Low Hysteresis, Lower Particle Size, Wear Resistant

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    Features & Benefits

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    • Its ease of dispersion makes it processing friendly.
    • Excellent extrusion Properties.

    Applications & Uses

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    Recommended Applications
    • Bearing and retreading tires of passenger car tires.
    • Truck tire re-tread.
    • It is also recommended for conveyors belts, solid tires, seals, moldings, hoses and other
    • industrial rubber products requiring good abrasion resistance.

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    • Canada