This product is a versatile, economical, high-active linear acid that is biodegradable. As an acid, it can be used as a component in acidic products such as aluminium cleaners, liquid bowl cleaners, etc. It is also used as an intermediate, being neutralized with a variety of inorganic bases or organic amines, allowing the formulator to customize the sulfonate to meet the needs of the end product. This product is listed on the Cleangredients Chemical listing and meets DfE criteria.

Supplied By: Catexel Nease LLC

Product Code: Q12435

Regional Availability: Canada

pH: 2.0

    Enhanced TDS

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    Physical Form
    Dark brown, viscous liquid
    Dispersible in

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Product Availability

    Bulk, 450 pound drum, 2,200 pound tote

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    Transport Regulations

    Shipping Description: Aryl sulfonic acids, liquid with not more than 5 percent free sulfuric acid (Benzene sulfonic acid, C 10-16 alkyl derivs.)

    Storage and Handling Condition

    Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Store in cool, well ventilated area. Steel is corroded by sulfonic acids and is not recommended for prolonged storage at elevated temperatures since iron and color contamination could result. Dilution with water may increase corrosivity of the acid. Material will absorb moisture. Avoid freezing.