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MARVELCOAT M86 PART A is a two-component, 1:1 ratio, 100% solids, fast-setting liquid-applied polyurea liner system suitable for various surfaces, including metal, concrete, fiberglass, and wood. It offers a seamless, high-build, tough, and elastomeric protective solution. It finds ideal applications in scenarios such as vapor barriers, cargo holds, and utility vehicles.

Supplied By: Marvel Industrial Coatings

Product Code: H14736

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Coating, Hybrid Coating, Solventless & High Solids Coating

Features: Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Excellent Elasticity, Excellent Toughness, Fast Setting, Impact Resistance, Low Temperature Flexibility, Rapid Drying Properties

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal

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    Liquid (at 25°C), Viscous liquid (at 25°C)

    Safety & Health

    Health and Safety Information

    Health and Safety Information: Refer to this product’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which provides information concerning the health and safety precautions that must be observed when handling any of the products listed above. Before working with these products, it is the user’s responsibility to read and become familiar with the available information on its hazards, proper use and handling.


    • Do not open until ready to use.
    • Both Part-A and Part-B containers must be fitted with a desiccant device during use.

    This product contains Isocyanates and Curative Material.

    Equipment Clean Up:

    Equipment should be cleaned with an environmentally safe, urethane-grade solvent (alcohol free) as permitted under local regulations immediately after use.

    Packaging & Availability

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information
    • 10 gallon kit: 5 gallons (47 lbs. net) Side-A (Isocyanate side) and 5 gallons (43 lbs. net) Side-B (Resin side).
    • 100 gallon kit: 50 gallons (473 lbs. net) Side-A (Isocyanate side) and 50 gallons (neutral: 433 lbs. net, black: 435 lbs. net) Side-B (Resin side)

    Storage & Handling

    Shelf Life
    12 months
    Storage and Shelf Life Information

    MarvelCoat M86 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture, in factory-sealed containers. Part-A and Part-B drums must be stored above 60°F. Avoid freezing temperatures. Store drums on wooden pallets to avoid direct contact with the ground. If stored for a long period of time, rotate Part-A and Part-B drums regularly.