MAGNAFLOC® 504 is a low molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide presented in the form of free-flowing micro-beads. This product possesses a high cationic charge and is primarily employed to enhance solid-liquid separation processes. It can be utilized either independently or in conjunction with an anionic flocculant for this purpose. Additionally, This product can serve as an effective clarification aid for gravity separation in diverse mineral substrates.

Supplied By: BASF - Florham Park

Product Code: Q10485

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Cationics, Polyacrylamides

Functions: Flocculant

Applicable Processes: Filtration, Gravity Separation, Mineral Processing, Mining Applications

Features: Excellent Flowability, Low Molecular Weight

    Enhanced TDS

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    Principal uses

    Predominantly used for effective solid-liquid separation in which Magnafloc 504 is applied separately to, or in combination with, an anionic flocculant. Magnafloc 504 can also be an effective clarification aid for gravity separation of various mineral substrates.


    Recommended solution concentrations:

    • Stock solution: 0.25 – 0.5 % max.
    • Feed solution: 0.05 – 0.2 % max.


    Physical Form
    Off - white free - flowing micro - bead

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Chemical Inventories

    Safety & Health

    Health and Safety Precautions
    • Magnafloc 504 exhibits a very low order of oral toxicity and does not present any abnormal problems in its handling or general use.
    • It is nevertheless recommended that inhalation, ingestion, skin contact and eye contact be avoided.
    • As with all cationic polyelectrolyte polymers this product exhibits toxicity towards fish.
    • It is important that precautions are taken where the product may come into direct contact with fresh water courses, streams and rivers.

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada

    Storage & Handling

    Handling and Storage Information

    Recommended storage periods:

    • Dry product: up to two years
    • Stock solution: 2 – 5 days
    • Feed solution: 1 – 3 days
    • Storage of the dry product and solutions for longer than the recommended periods may be acceptable under the correct conditions but could result in some loss of product efficiency.
    • Storage of the solids should be in a cool, dry place and conditions of high temperature and high humidity should be avoided.
    • Under such conditions the hygroscopic nature of the product may result in excessive moisture up-take and resultant caking.
    • Packages should be kept sealed when not in use.

    Shipping & Handling

    • Magnafloc 504 is supplied in 25 kg nett weight plastic bags in palletized shrink-wrapped units of total nett weight 900 kg.
    • Magnafloc 504 is also available in semi-bulk palletised “Big Bags” of 800 kg nett weight.
    • Corrosion towards most standard materials of construction is very low.
    • Stainless steel, fiberglass, polyethylene, polypropylene and rubberised surfaces are recommended as ideal.
    • In some cases aluminum and galvanized surfaces can be adversely affected.