MAGNAFLOC® 1607 is a coagulant with a highly cationic nature, provided in liquid form with low viscosity. Its primary application is to facilitate efficient solid-liquid separation processes. It is commonly used either independently or in conjunction with an anionic flocculant to achieve this separation.

Supplied By: BASF - Florham Park

Product Code: Q10733

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Cationics

Functions: Coagulant

Applicable Processes: Filtration, Gravity Separation, Mining Applications

Features: Low Viscosity

    Enhanced TDS

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    Application and Usage Information
    • Predominantly used for effective solid-liquid separation in which Magnafloc 1607 is applied separately to, or in combination with, an anionic flocculant.
    • Magnafloc 1607 is an effective clarification aid for gravity separation and filtration processes on various mineral and/or organic substrates.
    • The correct dosage of Magnafloc1607 depends on the conditions involved in the particular process.
    • Typically this is in the range of 1 – 10 ppm but it will normally be determined by test work on the substrate.
    • On a plant scale, a stock solution concentration of 0.1 to 1.0 % as supplied is recommended for addition to the system.
    • This is readily obtained by either batch mixing with water in a stirred tank, or alternatively by metering the concentrated product directly to the system and diluting inline.
    • In the latter case, a metering pump of the positive displacement type with adequate corrosion-resistant characteristics is recommended.
    • For optimum results, Magnafloc 1607 should be added to the system at a point of sufficient turbulence to ensure good initial dispersion and adequate mixing.
    • This point will be prior to the clarifiers or filters and, ideally, the turbulent flow zone at the addition point should be followed by a quiescent zone with gentle flow conditions to allow coagulation to occur.
    • In situations where an adequate addition point does not exist, turbulence may be induced by introducing an in-line mixer or a baffled zone etc.


    Physical Form
    Clear, pale yellow liquid
    Miscible in

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    Safety & Health

    Health and Safety Precautions

    Magnafloc 1607 exhibits a very low order of oral toxicity and does not pre- sent any abnormal problems in its handling or general use. It is nevertheless recommended that inhalation, ingestion, skin contact and eye contact be avoided. As with all cationic polyelectrolyte polymers this product exhibits toxicity towards fish. It is important that precautions are taken where the product may come into direct contact with fresh water courses, streams and rivers.

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada

    Storage & Handling

    Shelf Life
    12 months
    Handling and Storage Information

    Storage & Shelf Life:

    • Product as supplied. Under normal storage conditions, Magnafloc 1607 is stable for up to 12 months in its original packaging.
    • Preferably the product should be stored at temperatures in the range of 5 – 25 °C.
    • The recommended storage periods for dilute solutions (0.1 – 1.0 %) of Magnafloc 1607 are 2 – 4 days.
    • Storage of solutions beyond the recommended periods may cause some decrease in product efficiency.

    Shipping & Handling

    • Magnafloc 1607 is supplied in 227 kg plastic drums or 1100 kg intermediate bulk containers.
    • Magnafloc 1607 is moderately corrosive towards mild steel, cast iron, aluminum and zinc surfaces and use of these should be avoided.
    • Recommended materials of construction for storage tanks, dilution tanks etc, include stainless steel, fiber-glass, polyethylene and polypropylene.