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This product is a water-based copolymer dispersion adhesive designed for laminating foil and treated metalized polyester film. It can be used as supplied or diluted with water. This adhesive offers good resistance to water, grease, and heat. Additionally, its low odor makes it well-suited for applications involving sandwiches and confectionary-grade items.

Supplied By: Henkel Corporation

Product Code: H01309

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: Laminating Adhesive, Waterborne Adhesive

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    Laminating Adhesive for Foil and Treated Metallized Polyester Film.

    Applications Conditions
    • Typical application weight is 1-3 dry lbs. per ream.  
    • Adhesion properties are optimized by subjecting the adhered structure through an oven temperature of 175°F - 300°F.



    LOCTITE LIOFOL LW 2D-5414M is an all-synthetic laminating adhesive developed for foil and treated metallized polyester to a wide variety of paper and board stock. It exhibits excellent adhesion to these substrates, while featuring strong wet tack for increased production speeds. This product also features good water, grease and heat resistance. Its low odor makes it an ideal choice for sandwich and confectionary grade item applications.

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    Do not mix with other adhesives.  Keep covered to prevent moisture loss and contamination. Rotate stock, using oldest material first.

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    • Canada

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    90 days
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    LOCTITE LIOFOL LW 2D-5414M is supplied ready for use or may be diluted with water.  If product thickens with age, water with adequate mixing will refresh its viscosity.