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LOCTITE® 454™ 30 GM SYRINGE is intended for bonding applications. It is specifically designed for assembling challenging-to-bond materials that necessitate uniform stress distribution and possess high tension and/or shear strength requirements. This adhesive facilitates rapid bonding of a broad spectrum of materials, including metals, plastics, and elastomers. Notably, This product features a gel consistency that prevents adhesive flow, even on vertical surfaces. Additionally, it is suitable for bonding porous materials such as wood, paper, leather, and fabric.

Supplied By: Henkel Corporation

Product Code: H01983

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: 1K (1 component) Adhesive, Adhesive

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Aluminum, Metal, Steel

Cure Method: Moisture Cure

    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Features & Benefits

    Ready-to-Use Product Features
    Product Highlights
    Technology Cyanoacrylate
    Chemical Type

    Ethyl cyanoacrylate


    One part - requires no mixing

    Viscosity High, thixotropic
    Cure Humidity
    Application Bonding
    Key Substrates

    Metals , Plastics and Elastomers

    Applications & Uses

    Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
    Cure Method
    Directions for Use
    1. Bond areas should be clean and free from grease. Clean all surfaces with a Loctite® cleaning solvent and allow to dry.
    2. To improve bonding on low energy plastic surfaces, Loctite® Primer may be applied to the bond area. Avoid applying excess Primer. Allow the Primer to dry.
    3. LOCTITE® Activator may be used if necessary. Apply it to one bond surface (do not apply activator to the primed surface where Primer is also used). Allow the Activator to dry.
    4. Apply adhesive to one of the bond surfaces (do not apply the adhesive to the activated surface). Do not use items like tissue or a brush to spread the adhesive. Assemble the parts within a few seconds. The parts should be accurately located, as the short fixture time leaves little opportunity for adjustment.
    5. LOCTITE® Activator can be used to cure filets of product outside the bond area. Spray or drop the activator on the excess product.
    6. Bonds should be held fixed or clamped until adhesive has fixtured.
    7. Product should be allowed to develop full strength before subjecting to any service loads (typically 24 to 72 hours after assembly, depending on bond gap, materials and ambient conditions).


    Physical Form
    Clear - slightly cloudy gel (uncured)
    Chemical/Solvent Resistance

    Aged under conditions indicated and tested @ 22 °C.

    % of initial strength

    Environment °C 100 h 500 h 1000 h
    Motor oil 40 105 85 80
    Unleaded gasoline 22 95 120 125
    Water 22 75 70 75
    Water/glycol 22 90 85 85
    Ethanol 22 120 125 120
    Isopropanol 22 100 130 135
    98% RH 40 70 55 55

    Aged under conditions indicated and tested @ 22°C, Lap Shear Strength, ISO 4587, Polycarbonate

    % of initial strength

    Environment °C 100 h 500 h 1000 h
    Air 22 105 105 105
    98% RH 40 105 105 105

    • * Applies to material made in N. America
    • ** substrate failure

    Packaging & Availability

    Regional Availability
    • Canada

    Storage & Handling


    Store product in the unopened container in a dry location. Storage information may be indicated on the product container labeling. Optimal Storage: 2 °C to 8 °C. Storage below 2 °C or greater than 8 °C can adversely affect product properties