This product is a concentrated tablet form of patented bromine-based chemistry designed to offer broad-range antimicrobial action. Its primary purpose is to prevent the generation of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur dioxide species by sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRBs) and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria (SOBs) in water-based systems. Packaged in tablet form, it can be directly delivered to the source of generation, typically settled quiescent areas such as sludge or fiber in chests, clarifiers, and other vessels.

Supplied By: Kemira

Product Code: Q11088

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Anti-Microbial Agent

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    As a tablet form, the product can be delivered directly to the source of the generation, typically settled quiescent areas of sludge or fiber in chests, clarifiers and other vessels. The tablet dissolves slowly at a steady rate, releasing chemistry over a period of 1 -2 months depending upon the temperature and amount of turbulence in the system. All active bromine is consumed within 30 minutes, thereby not affecting downstream processes such as secondary effluent treatment or retention aids.

    Ipacide 928, unlike chlorine-based products, does generate stable chlorinated organic materials, and is not biopersistent. Reaction products are non-toxic and biodegradable. Ipacide 928 can be used in paper machine white water, broke or reclaim chest, waste streams (clarifiers, holding tanks) and ahead of sludge presses. Application of the productshould be supported by on-site measurement of both in-situ sulfide testing and biological activity analyzes in order establish dosage and performance.

    Directions for Use:

    • Ipacide 928 can be applied by a variety of methods, but due to the fast reaction time, the key is to ensure contact and residence in the area of generation of the sulfide species. The tablets may be distributed by hand into the vessel or chest,or a dissolving tank or ‘Brominator’ may be used to dissolve the product for delivery as a solution to the area of treatment.
    • Any Ipacide 928 treated systems can be washed with water for cleaning.
    • Your Power Chemicals Technical Representative will provide support in the handling and custom engineered application of this product.


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    White powder
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    PVC gloves, organic respirator,safety clothing and safety goggles are always recommended as a standard minimum industrial hygiene practice when handling this product. If splashed on skin, wash with copious amounts of soap and water. If splashed in the eyes, wash with copious amounts of water. See GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada
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    Ipacide 928 is manufactured in tablet form and is supplied in 23 kg pails.