This product is an optimized surfactant blend developed for industrial cleaner and degreaser formulations. It combines alcohol ethoxylates and amphoteric surfactants, making it effective for producing water-based cleaners and degreasers that can remove organic soil, oil, grease, and insoluble particles like soot and grime.

Supplied By: Esti Chem A/S

Product Code: Q10912

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Name: Alcohols, C9-11, ethoxylated

Functions: Degreaser, Surfactant

CAS Number: 68439-46-3

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    ESTISURFTM M35 is a proven versatile raw material which can form the base of many different cleaner types. ESTISURF M35 shows excellent degreasing properties in alkaline as well as in acidic products.

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    ESTISURFTM M35 is very effective as the only surfactant in a cleaner formulation. Low production cost and easy manufacturing from handling fewer raw materials are additional benefits:

    All-round alkaline cleaners formulation A to G:

    • Cleaning of cars & trucks engines and metal parts.
    • Industrial hard surface cleaners.
    • Degreasing of walls floors etc. before painting.
    • Household cleaning products e.g. kitchen.
    • Fire damage restoration.  

    Acidic cleaners formulation H and I:

    • Cleaning of aluminum parts.
    • Removal of calcium- and magnesium-soap deposits.
    • Household cleaning products e.g. sanitary.


    Physical Form
    Clear liquid
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