IPAC 6832

IPAC 6832 may serve specific functions such as aiding in flotation, separation, or other mineral processing steps. In the mining industry, various chemicals and aids are used to improve the efficiency of mineral processing and separation. The exact application and purpose of this product would depend on its chemical composition and properties.

Supplied By: Kemira

Product Code: Q09667

Regional Availability: USA

Functions: Anti-Freeze Agent

Features: Easy Handling, Easy To Use, Excellent Freeze/Thaw Stability

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    Recommended Applications
    • While the product has a freeze point of -35oC, due to viscosity, IPAC 6832 should be stored and applied at minimum temperature of -10oC.
    • Heated storage options include heated, insulated bulk storage tank, blanket heater or heated storage area.
    • Feed pipes to the pump system and to the application points should also be heat traced and insulated.
    • Nozzles should be placed at transfer points upstream of the storage pile/bin in order to ensure good spreading of the product on the ore.
    • Higher moisture content and lower temperatures will increase the dosage requirements as shown here.


    Physical Form
    Amber - brown liquid
    Soluble in

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    • USA