IPAC 1344G is a fundamentally new proprietary liquid scale inhibitor that prevents the formation of calcium carbonate and silicate scale and is specifically designed for high pH, high temperature, and pressure conditions commonly found in gold strip circuit processing systems. The product technology has maximum strength, is stable, and performs well even under high conductivity conditions.

Supplied By: DuBois

Product Code: Q14446

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Scale Inhibitor

Features: High Performance

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    The product technology is maximum strength, is stable and performs well even under high conductivity conditions, preventing carbonate, sulfate and hydroxide scale formation. Added on a continuous basis to process systems prior to scale formation IPAC 1344G prevents the growth of scale through the mechanisms of crystal modification and threshold inhibition. The concentration at which formation of precipitates and crystals is increased significantly and if formed, scaling components will not form crystals, but amorphous, soft micro- particulates, which do not interfere with the processes and will wash through the process. Benefits provided include better heat exchange capacity, longer cycle time between cleaning, reduction of or elimination of acid and pressure washes, production run-time improvements, and lower wear due to less mechanical cleanings.

    Directions For Use :

    IPAC 1344G should be applied as-is via positive displacement pump to an area of good mixing, such as prior to a pump or via a lance upstream of the scale formation in order to assure dispersion throughout the liquid. Dosage rate ranges from 2 ppm to 10 ppm dependent upon scale conditions and system implications, which should be assessed by a DuBois Chemicals Technical Representative.


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    Clear amber liquid
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    Rubber gloves and safety glasses or goggles should be worn when handling this product, which is an eye irritant, and may cause skin irritation if there is prolonged contact. See GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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    • Canada
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    IPAC 1344G is manufactured in liquid form and is supplied in returnable 1000 liter / 1210 kg bins.