IPAC 1299F is a custom-formulated antifreeze additive and dust suppressant for hard rock mining operations for both full ore body treatments and conveyor release in northern Canadian climates. The product is environmentally friendly.

Supplied By: DuBois

Product Code: Q09124

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Anti-Freeze Agent, Dust Suppressant

Features: BTR, Easy Handling

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    • The product has a freeze point of -45oC, and IPAC 1299F can be stored and applied down to temperatures as low as -45oC due to low viscosity build.
    • Heated storage will provide easier work conditions for operators; options include heated, insulated bulk storage tank, blanket heater or heated storage area.  
    • Nozzles should be placed at transfer points upstream of the storage pile/bin in order to ensure good spreading of the product on the ore.
    • Higher moisture content and lower temperatures will increase the dosage requirements.  
    • Generally, antifreeze protection will be achieved at a minimum of 25 ppm but recommended starting point is 50 ppm.
    • Dust suppression benefits will be achieved at a minimum of 100 ppm, whereas the recommended starting point is 200 ppm.


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    Clear, straw colored liquid
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    • Canada