Epoxy Diluent AGE

This product is an aliphatic glycidyl ether that serves as a mono-functional diluent. Its purpose is to reduce the viscosity of epoxy resin systems. It is recommended to use the minimum amount required to achieve the desired viscosity reduction. This product falls under various categories, including rheology modifiers and stabilizers in case ingredients, electronic chemicals in battery and electronic materials, and diluents in solvents and carriers.

Supplied By: Chang Chun Plastics Co. Ltd.

Product Code: Q13193

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Name: Dodecyl and tetradecyl glycidyl ethers

Functions: Reactive Diluent, Rheology Modifier

CAS Number: 68609-97-2

Chemical Family: Ethers, Glycol Ethers, Glycols

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    Typical use is to blend AGE together with epoxy resin for applications low viscosity, higher filler rate and increased impregnation; such as flooring, potting, encapsulation, and wet lay-up lamination.


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    REACTIVE DILUENT AGE is moderately irritating to eyes and skin. In the event of skin contact, wash off with soap and water. In the event of eyes contact,flush with water and seek medical attention.

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    • Canada
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    • 180kg drum
    • 220kg drum