This product functions as a viscosity modifier and binder. It is suitable for various processes, including polyvinyl alcohol manufacturing, warp sizing, foundry applications, and suspension polymerization. This product is compatible with polyester fibers and offers features like good emulsification properties, good cohesion development, good film-forming capabilities, viscosity stability, and excellent adhesion. It is commonly used in industrial applications, particularly in ceramics and refractory manufacturing.

Supplied By: Chang Chun Petrochemical

Product Code: Q04623

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Polyvinyl Acetates (PVA)

Functions: Binder, Viscosity Modifier

Applicable Processes: Foundry, Polyvinylic Alcohol Manufacturing, Suspension Polymerization, Warp Sizing

Compatible Fibers: Polyester

Features: Excellent Adhesion, Good Cohesion Development, Good Emulsification Properties, Good Film Former, Viscosity Stability

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    (1) Viscosity of a 4.00 wt % standard grade PVA solution at 20.0 °C which is determined by Brookfield Viscometer LVF mode with UL adapter.
    (2) Calculated as Na2O.
    (3) pH is determined by pH meter at 20°C

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