This product serves multiple functions, functioning as a sizing agent, stiffening agent, and binder. It provides features such as crease resistance, excellent adhesion, good emulsification properties, strong film-forming capabilities, and resistance to shrinkage. Primarily utilized in industrial, printing, and packaging applications, it is particularly effective with substrates such as paper and corrugated board.

Supplied By: Chang Chun Petrochemical

Product Code: Q00891

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Polyvinyl Acetates (PVA)

Functions: Binder, Binder & Resin, Sizing Agent, Stiffening Agent

Applicable Processes: Foundry, Polyvinylic Alcohol Manufacturing, Suspension Polymerization, Warp Sizing

Compatible Fibers: Cotton, Viscose Fiber

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    (1) Viscosity of a 4.00 wt % standard grade PVA solution at 20.0 °C which is determined by Brookfield Viscometer LVF mode with UL adapter.
    (2) Calculated as Na2O.
    (3) pH is determined by pH meter at 20°C

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