This product is a 100% C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin known for its slightly higher softening point and narrow molecular weight distribution. It is primarily used as a tackifier in various adhesive polymers, including SIS, EVA, natural rubber, synthetic polyisoprene, polyisobutylene, butyl rubber, AO, and APAO.

Supplied By: Puyang Binder Chemical Co., Ltd

Product Code: Q09159

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Hydrocarbons

End Uses: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

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    • Canada
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    BINDER® O-1310 is available both in 25Kg multi-ply paper bags and 500kg bags.

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    BINDER® O-1310 should be stored in cool ventilated dry place. Recommended temperature no exceeding 40°C.