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This product is a liquid waterborne adhesive that is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.105 regulations. This product is designed for use on cardboards and paper, making it suitable for various applications within the adhesives and sealants category, particularly as a contact adhesive. It falls under the ready-to-use products technology within the adhesives and sealants product family.

Supplied By: Henkel Corporation

Product Code: H01505

Regional Availability: Canada

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    High quality, very fast setting carton seal adhesive for use on difficult to adhere coated stocks. Compatible with UV detection systems. Meets composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 “Adhesives”.

    Operating Conditions

    Direct transfer from glue wheel, rotary stencil, extrusion, spray.
    1. Stir thoroughly before using.
    2. Ready-for-use viscosity as supplied. May be diluted with water if desired.
    3. Wet film soluble in warm water. Dry film soluble in acetone/water.


    Physical Form
    White fluid

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    Rotate stock using oldest material first.
    Keep covered to prevent drying out and contamination.
    Do not mix with other adhesives.
    Protect from temperatures below 40°F.

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    • Canada