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This product is a windowing adhesive designed for folding cartons and various paper-to-film applications, including poly-coated board. This adhesive product offers a well-rounded combination of wet tack, speed of set, and ultimate adhesion, making it an excellent choice for these applications.

Supplied By: Henkel Corporation

Product Code: H13966

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: Contact Adhesive

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    • Aquence FB 7007MUV Special is supplied ready for use.
    • This adhesive cleans up wet or dry.



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    Do not mix with other adhesives.

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    • Canada

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    90 days
    Storage Information
    • Aquence FB 7007MUV Special has a 90 day shelf life.
    • Rotate stock. using oldest first.
    • Keep container covered when not in use to prevent moisture loss and contamination.
    • Do not freeze.
    • Preferred running temperature is 70 - 85°F.