This product is a mixture of high-viscosity dimethiconol and cyclopentasiloxane. It enhances the long-lasting properties of other active ingredients on the skin while reducing rubbing to maintain smoothness and waterproofing. It finds applications in makeup, skin care, and hair care. Its appearance is that of a clear to translucent, colorless, viscous fluid.

Supplied By: ZENHO Group

Product Code: Q14127

Regional Availability: Canada

INCI Name: Dimethiconol

Functions: Conditioner, Emollient

    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    INCI Name
    Supplied By
    Cosmetic Ingredients Functions
    CAS No.
    31692-79-2, 70131-67-8

    Features & Benefits

    Product Highlights


    • Enhancing the long lasting properties of other active ingredients on skin
    • Reducing the rub to keep the skin smooth and waterproof
    • High hydrophobic ability
    • “Soft Focus” effect
    • Silky
    • Glossing

    The Cyclopentasiloxane part will rapidly evaporate, while the Dimethiconol part will remain on the skin or on hair providing an increased substantivity and conditioning effect.

    Applications & Uses

    AP/Deo Applications
    Bath & Shower Applications
    Color Cosmetic Applications
    Sun Care Applications
    Use Level
    40%-50% (Hair Care Oil Products), 3% -8% (Hair Care Products)
    Recommended Applications


    • Make-up
    • Hair-care
    • Sun proof
    • Styling aids
    • Skin care creams
    • Body lotion
    • Many other potential formulations.

    How to Use:

    • Due to its volatility, this product is recommended to be formulated at room temperature or below 50 ℃ . Reduce the temperature to 50 ℃ after the oily-phase melted, and slowly add the product, then complete stirring. Add rest ingredients at last.
    • The product has good compatibility with oily cosmetic materials such as pigments, greases and perfumes. It can be diluted by volatile silicone to reduce the viscosity. After adjusted the viscosity with cyclomethicones, the product can be used directly to hair for conditioning, moisturizing and caring. It can make hair dry and bright, smooth and silky.
    • The recommended usage level of the product is 3%-8% in hair care products, 40%-50% in hair care oil products.


    • This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses.


    Physical Form
    Colorless clear liquid
    None to slight

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Type
    Regional Availability
    • Canada
    Packaging Information

    200 kg drum.

    Storage & Handling

    Storage Conditions

    When stored at or below 60 °C (140 ° F) in the original unopened containers, these products have a usable life of 24 months from the date of production.