This product is in liquid form, is characterized by its ruby-red appearance, and serves multiple purposes. This product has applications in pigment manufacturing, metal treating, and oil well drilling, owing to its role as a potent oxidizing agent with reactivity towards various organic and inorganic compounds.

Supplied By: American Chrome & Chemical Inc.

Product Code: Q02701

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Name: Sodium Dichromate, Dihydrate

Functions: Oxidizing Agent

CAS Number: 7789-12-0

Chemical Family: Dichromates, Sodium Salts

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    Identification & Functionality

    Applications & Uses

    Applicable Processes
    Recommended Applications
    • Pigment manufacturing: Pigments include chrome yellow and orange, molybdate orange, zinc yellow, chrome green, chromium oxide green, hydrated chromium oxide green, barium chromate, and others.
    • Metal treating: The dip-cleaning of certain metals in solutions containing sodium dichromate and acid results in the metal having a uniform, untarnished surface that is protected by a corrosion-resistant film.
    • Oil-well drilling: The reaction products of sodium dichromate with various lignosulfonates and lignites are used as treating agents in drilling mud systems.

    Other applications include use as a powerful oxidizing agent in many organic syntheses, in the preparation of colored glasses and glazes, and in the preparation of other chromium compounds.


    Physical Form
    Ruby Red Liquid
    Chemical Characteristics

    Sodium dichromate is an oxidizing agent and reacts with a variety of other chemicals, both organic and inorganic.

    Safety & Health

    Health and Safety Precautions
    • Sodium dichromate is a hexavalent chromium compound, and contact with it, either in the solid or solution form, should be avoided.
    • In case of contact, flush with water; for eyes, give prolonged irrigation with water, and get medical attention immediately. 

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    • Canada