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This product is positioned within the technology category, specifically ready-to-use products. It falls under the product family of paints and coatings, with a focus on protective coatings. This product caters to the automotive and transportation markets, with applications primarily centered around transportation, specifically aerospace and aviation.

Supplied By: Dysol Inc. DBA Socomore

Product Code: H00795

Regional Availability: Canada

Product Type: Coating, Conductive Coating

Features: Conductive, Durable, Low Outgassing, Thermal Shock Resistant

Application Method: Spray

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    Aeroglaze® Z307 black absorptive conductive polyurethane coating Is primarily for application to substrates used on spacecraft. These applications include those where coatings must exhibit low outgassing characteristics while providing static dissipating and high thermal absorptivity properties. In addition, the mechanical properties required for rigorous durations in space are an integral part of the Aeroglaze Z307 coating make-up. Aeroglaze Z307 coating shows excellent performance on rigid or flexible substrates.

    Direction of Use

    Prior to opening Aeroglaze® Z307, thoroughly mix for 5 minutes on a paint shaker. Open the lid carefully as the container maybe under slight pressure. Stir contents with a clean paint stick to check for settling and to ensure that a homogeneous mixture is obtained. If there is some settling, stir with the paint stick and then retum the closed contalner to the  paint shaker and shake a additional 5 minutes or until no settling is apparent. Aeroglaze Z307 shouid be applied to a property prepared and primed surlace. Individual primer technioal bulletins are available which describe surface preparation, proper
    handling and usage of the primer. Aeroglaze Z307 is best applied by conventional or
    airless spray equipment. A spray viscosity of 18 to 22 seconds using a Zahn #2 cup Is recommended, however, the product can be sprayed as supplied. Thinning can be achieved with the addition of 15 to 20% Aeroglaze 9958 thinner. If airless spray equipment is used, thin Aeroglaze Z307 with a maximum of 10% Chemglaze 9956 thinner. Apply Aeroglaze Z307 at a maximum thickness of .75 dry mils (-4 wet mils*) per coat. Hold the spray gun at a right angle to the surface - 8 to 12 Inches from the surface. Overlap the spray pattern 50% as the coating is being applled. A light mist ooat should be applied and followed by a full wet coat of 3 to 4 wet mils. Clean all equipment immediately after use with Aeroglaze 9958 thinner. Aeroglaze Z307 is best applied between 12.8℃ and 36°C (55°P and 95°F). THE SUBSTRATE TEMPERATURE MUST BE LEAST 2.8C (5°F) ABOVE THE DEW POINT. Aeroglaze Z307 cures by reacting with moisture in the air. The speed of cure is dependent on the temperature, relative humnidity and amount of air circulation needed to remove the solvent.


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    *40 Day Cure at Room Temperature

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    • Canada
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    • 1/2 Pint Contalner (0.24 Liter)
    • 1 Pint Container (0.47 Liter)
    • 1 Quart Container (0.95 Llter)
    • 1 Gallon Container (3.8 Liter)

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    The shelf life of Aeroglaze Z307 coating is one (1) year from date of shipment when stored in the original, unopened container. Store inside away from heat, sparks, and open flames,