ADDISP™ 600N serves as a dispersant and dispersing agent, playing a crucial role as an additive in the industrial sector. Specifically, it finds extensive application in chemical and industrial manufacturing, particularly in ceramics and refractory applications.

Supplied By: ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

Product Code: Q11182

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Dispersant, Dispersant, Wetting Agent

End Uses: Ceramics, Lacquers, PVC Formulations

Solid Content: 39.0 - 41.0 %

    Enhanced TDS

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    Product Benefits
    • ADDISP™ 600N is recommended for use in formulations with medium - high PVC (30 - 80 %)
    • The gloss of emulsion paint and lacquers is not influenced by the addition of ADDISP™600N
    • The product shows high glycol compatibility.
    • The very narrow molecular weight distribution of ADDISP™ 600N guarantees a high effectiveness in dispersing properties.
    • In comparison with most dispersants the abrasion vales are significantly lower.pH application range 4 – 13
    • ADDISP™ 600N optimizes the absorption of tinting pastes for emulsion paints.
    • Use of Polyphosphates should be omitted under all circumstances when using
    • ADDISP™ 600N since the effect of Polyphosphates is detrimental to the  performance of ADDISP™ 600N.
    • Ladder studies are recommended to determine concentration level.

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    Physical Form
    Clear, nearly colourless fluid
    Soluble in

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada

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    Shelf Life
    12 Months