This versatile compound is a critical component of our technology offerings, situated within the case ingredients category. It's a part of our product family dedicated to additives, specifically functional additives. This product is tailored to cater to the needs of the adhesives and sealants market, offering solutions for various applications within this sector.

Supplied By: ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

Product Code: Q10691

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Coalescing Agent

End Uses: Waterborne Coating

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Acrylics, Alkyds, Styrene Acrylics

    Enhanced TDS

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    • In combination with matting powders, it produces matte films with high transparency.
    • ADDAPT® BIOMATT E improves the orientation of matting powders. In addition it improves the surface wetting and flow.
    • The silicates are of small to medium particle size (4 - 8 μ) and therefore very suitable for Wood-and Metal coatings. The wax coating of the silicate particles improves the scratch-and spot resistance, whereas the viscosity of these coatings is hardly affected.
    • ADDAPT® BIOMATT E is readily emulsifiable into a wide variety of aqueous systems.
    • ADDAPT® BIOMATT E is preferably incorporated into the coating at the very end of the production process with a low share rate.
    • Biodegradable – Label free

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    Compatible Polymers & Resins
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    Milky liquid

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    Regional Availability
    • Canada