This product is designed for use in varnishes and is characterized by being VOC-free. It offers several benefits, including excellent flow, scratch resistance, improved substrate wetting, matting, and transparency. This product is suitable for a range of coating types, primarily varnishes, and is available in the form of a white, free-flowing powder.

Supplied By: ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

Product Code: Q11184

Regional Availability: Canada

Functions: Flattener

End Uses: Varnishes

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    • In combination with matting powders, it produces matte films with high transparency.
    • ADDAPT® BIOMATT E improves the orientation of matting powders. In addition it improves the surface wetting and flow.
    • The silicates are of small to medium particle size (4 - 8 μ) and therefore very suitable for Wood-and Metal coatings. The wax coating of the silicate particles improves the scratch-and spot resistance, whereas the viscosity of these coatings is hardly affected.
    • ADDAPT® BIOMATT E is readily emulsifiable into a wide variety of aqueous systems.
    • ADDAPT® BIOMATT E is preferably incorporated into the coating at the very end of the production process with a low share rate.
    • Biodegradable – Label free

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    White free - flowing powder

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    • Canada