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This product is an acrylic resin primarily used as a primer in various applications. It is known for its capabilities in enhancing chemical resistance, light fastness, and weather resistance. This product is applied in end uses such as concrete coatings and stains, metal coatings, and coatings and markings.

Supplied By: Puyang Binder Chemical Co., Ltd

Product Code: Q14448

Regional Availability: Canada

Chemical Family: Methacrylates

End Uses: Primer

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    DEGALAN® 64/12 N is a multi-purpose resin used to making weather, light and chemical resistant metal paint, ship and container paint, primer, filling putty, exterior wall paint, concrete paint, plastic paint and road marking paint, etc.



    DEGALAN 64/12 N is soluble in esters, ketones, ethylene glycol ethers, aromatic hydrocarbons and fatty hydrocarbon solvents; its solutions can be miscible in alcohols and aliphatic solvents.


    DEGALAN 64/12 N is ompatible with most PVC copolymers, nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber, plasticizer, and CAB / CAP. Partly compatible with alkyd and epoxy.

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    • Canada
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    Net 25 kg paper bag.

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    Shady and dry place storage period for 5 years.